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The           Family

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We are Amie & Steve Latta, and we’re big believers in two things: legacy and community. This farm has been owned by our family for four generations, and we are excited to be next!


As children, our families connected for the first time on this farm. Albeit, under less-than-ideal circumstances. After Amie’s father’s car broke down on an old country road, Steve’s dad welcomed them in with open arms and helped them get back on the road safely. We were quite young at the time and didn’t make the connection until, at our wedding, Amie’s father recalled this story and his gratitude for the love and kindness of the Latta family all those years ago.


Since then, we’ve gotten married and begun building a family of our own. Together, we’ve experienced the type of community that inspires and encourages us towards our dreams – both with the families we were born into and the families we’ve chosen.


These relationships are what have propelled us to this point. We (Amie and Steve) are very different. While individually we wouldn’t necessarily say there’s anything remarkably outstanding about us, together - when we choose to operate as one unit - that’s where we find the uniqueness of our relationship. The ways in which our passions, differences, and similarities merge established something truly and creatively unique. We believe this is the potential for larger communities, as well: building a beautifully unique community from the differences and similarities of its members.


To us, CXN Studio isn't just a bunch of land or a business. We aren’t just facilitators, hosts, or service providers. Our goal is to participate in the give and take of relationships to truly be a part of building this community with you.


While we can’t promise the same life-changing first encounter as we had on our farm all those years ago, we hope that when you step foot onto our farm you will feel the same sense of love, kindness, and welcome that allows you to freely participate in CXN Studio.

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