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The history of our farm is long and deep. And while it has been used for various purposes, building community and bringing people together, make up its roots. For many, many years our family ran an indoor community pool. It was something we absolutely loved; we cherish the memories of splashes and giggles. And, while completely unrelated to community aquatics, we currently own and operate a transportation company off the farm.


Simply put, our family believes in using what we have to bless others. We have all this space, and we want to use it. Specifically, we want you to use it! By sharing what we have with our community we get to build connections, cultivate meaningful relationships, discover more about ourselves, explore creativity, and find our homes away from home in relationships.


In our suburbs, it’s easy to drift away from community, to disconnect from others unless it’s through social media or living vicariously through the latest Netflix character. When we lose our connectedness to others, we decrease our opportunities for growth and inspiration.


Establishing and participating in a healthy community does what fertile soil does for plants: it nourishes. It gives us an active foundation that encourages, inspires, and builds our potential as individuals and a community. In thriving communities, we find our healthiest selves. Community is where it all begins, and we want to build it all with you! 


At CXN Studio, we connect creative expression and community to build an unforgettable home away from home. 

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